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Norwood Green Junior School

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Norwood Green is a very special, inclusive community.  The positive attitudes and caring nature of the pupils, parents, staff and governors give the school strength to achieve all that it achieves.


We instil in our pupils a sense of pride in what they do, and foster compassion and respect for all.  We teach children to think independently and creatively as well as develop their leadership skills.


We ensure that every child is able to communicate effectively and achieves a high level of literacy and numeracy skills.  These core skills are embedded within a rich curriculum which offers understanding and appreciation of the wider world.


We ensure that each child is safe and cared for, including their emotional, physical and social needs.  Ultimately we wish our children to develop the confidence and skills to make positive choices about their lives now and in the future.


In achieving the above, we will have made a difference and ensured positive outcomes for the young people in our care.


Mrs C. Norfolk - Headteacher