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Norwood Green Junior School

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PE, Sport and Clubs News

School News:

We are excited to start a new school year!  We had Dan the Skipping Man in our school last week to get our school year off to a healthy start!  Each year group really enjoyed their skipping training and the skipping talent show at the end of the day.  We hope to see losts of children showing their skills and skipping on our playground at play time and lunchtime.  

We also want to welcome our new Sport Impact Coach, Matt Whitfield, to Norwood Green Juniors.  He will be running our Girls Active club on Mondays after school and working with our teachers and students this year in PE

Current Newsletter:

(archive newsletters can be found below Clubs and Activities)

PE NEWS Summer 2 2019.pdf
PE Newsletter Summer 2 2019

Clubs and Activities this term:

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Girls Active Club

Monday after school with Mr Whitfield

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Monday after school with JA Sports

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Deaf Football Tuesday after school

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Boxing Club Tuesday after school with Mr Canbakis

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Multi-Sports Club

Wednesday after school with JA Sports

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Football Club

Thursday after school with JA Sports

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Dodgeball Club

Friday after school JA Sports

Archive Newsletters

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PE Newsletter Summer 1 2019
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PE Newsletter Spring 2 2019
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PE Newsletter Spring 1 2019
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PE Newsletter Autumn 2 2018
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PE Newsletter Spring 2 2018
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PE Newsletter Spring 1 2018
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