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Norwood Green Junior School

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PE News, Sport and Clubs

School News:

We have had a very busy and active term! Firstly, a big congratulations to all of the children for taking part in the ‘London Mini Marathon 2020’ by running 2.6 miles in the month of October. To top it off each child was given an amazing medal to mark their participate in the virtual marathon.

We have also taken part in virtual competitions with other schools in the Borough. We have completed a virtual cross country and the R and S classes will be taking part in a special virtual pentathlon at the end of term.

Virtual Tournaments:

Virtual cross country: completed during the wb 19th October 2020

Virtual pentathlon: R and S classes on 17.12.2020


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Current Newsletter:

(archive newsletters can be found below Clubs and Activities)

PE NEWS Aut 2 2020.pdf
PE NEWS Autumn 2 2020
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Clubs and Activities this term:

Due to the current circumstances we currently have no clubs running

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