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Norwood Green Junior School

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Norwood Green Junior School

Ofsted Report - March 2020

Our most recent Ofsted Report states:

'This is a school where leaders put a high priority on the well being of pupils and staff. Relationships between adults and pupils are warm and caring. Staff have high expectations for pupils. Pupils are a delight to talk to. They are highly respectful and value the many opportunities available in the school. Pupils take their responsibilities seriously.

Staff and pupils enjoy being part of a diverse community. Those from different backgrounds are respected and included.......... pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) participate fully in school life.

Pupils behave extremely well. They follow very clear routines and love to share their learning. The schools behaviour system is understood throughout the school. Pupils shared their enthusiasm to gain "privilege points ’’. This helps them to strive for their best. All pupils spoken to said that they felt safe.'

To read the school's Ofsted Report please select the document below

10110514 Norwood Green Junior final pdf.pdf
Norwood Green Junior School Ofsted Report

Further information can also be found on the Ofsted website by selecting the link below.